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    It’s not always easy to obtain a traditional loan from a bank. Here at paydayloansca.com, we provide you with a safe and hassle-free way to borrow money.

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Complete your application form right from the comfort of your home. Get the best deal by connecting to our network of lenders . Once a lender approves you, you can get cash in your account on the following day.

Apply online

Apply online

Once you complete your application form with us, we will send it to our network of lenders to choose the best plan for you.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

paydayloansca.com uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology to make sure that personal information of our clients is protected.

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Claim Your Cash

Once your loan is approved, we will send cash in your account on the next business day.


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Why paydayloansca.com?

Obtaining traditional loan from banks is a long procedure. We at paydayloansca.com provide you with a hassle-free and safe way to borrow money.
  • 2 minute loan application, no faxing
  • Quick loan approval just few hours away.
  • No problem regarding bad credit rating.
  • No hidden fees, everything is transparent.
  • The money is deposited directly in your bank account the same day.


Fast Online Payday Loans in USA, Short Term Advance Payday Loans

Apply now and get an answer within the hour. As soon as your application is completed we will deposit the money.


Disclosure of APR

The APR refers to the amount paid on the loan taken for a period of 1 year. The for a standard 2 weeks loan can be expected to vary from 546% to 600%. This variation is based on the state you live in and the time period of your loan term, your financial situation and your individual lender.

Implications of Late Payment : If a customer fails to pay the loan in time, he may be required to pay late fees and collection costs. He may also be subjected to loan charge off and his debt would be forwarded to the collection agency. As long as the customer pays back the loan prior to the charge off, he can enjoy the opportunity to bring the loan as current.
Implications of Non-Payment - If you fail to repay the loan altogether, there are many consequences associated with it including :
Financial Implications : At present, we are not charging any extra rate of interest on the loans that are not repaid in time but a borrower will have to incur late fees and other charges in case he fails to repay the loan in time or check or other mode of payment is rejected because of insufficient funds available. The amount varies by province. The lender will provide you with complete details that will include the exact charges and costs.
Collection practices : We make use of standard debt collection methods like email, postal mail, telephone, and text message to collect any unpaid amount that you owe. Similarly, we can make use of the rights as lined in the loan agreement. We also have the right to sell your pending debt to a third party agency. The party may use similar methods to recover the pending loan.
Impact on credit score : We do not report your loan activity with us to the credit reporting department like Equifax USA or TransUnion as of now but we may choose to report it to alternating agencies if you delay your loan payment then such agencies are reported which may impact your chance of getting quick loans in future.
Renewal policy : Loans cannot be renewed automatically.