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Loan Flexibility

Payday Loans Canada would in no case force you to take a larger loan than your requirement. The amount to be borrowed would be decided by you and would be on the discretion of your lender. The loan about disbursed would be decided depending upon various parameters and would be communicated to your before getting your signature. In case you are borrowing through Payday Loans Canada for the first time, your maximum loan limit would be $500.

Transparent Process
You would be provided with the total repayment amount and when you are expected to pay the same at the time of obtaining your signature. The entire contract would be divided into terms and conditions that can be understood easily. This means that there would be no hidden charges or hidden expenses attached to your loan. You would also be given details of the costs you may have to incur in case you default on your payments.

Credit Check
We utilize the publicly provided information by major credit bureaus in order to protect our lenders against loan fraud and help them take a decision based on the urgency of your needs when you apply for a short term loan. The details may include your disposable income and your present financial commitments including other loans, short term or long term that you may have taken. In case your loan application has been rejected, Payday Loans Canada would be responsible for providing you with valid reasons for the rejection of the loan. We would also try; based on the case to offer you advice so that your loan is not rejected the next time you apply. We understand that credit circumstances of an individual change from time to time and hence Maple Loan would utilize fresh credit data every time you apply for a loan with Maple Loans. Your application may be rejected even if you have got a loan approved with us before and have paid that on time. This is because we take into consideration the overall present credit data and not your relationship history with us.

Lending for short term
While applying for a loan you should consider your ability to repay the loan. We would always want that you repay the loan on or before the repayment date. We would always be willing to provide you information about the interest that has accrued on your loan amount on any date and the amount you would be able to save by repaying the loan amount earlier than the specified time. We never charge any penalties or fees in case you want to pay the loan amount earlier. During the entire loan period, we would provide you with reminders with the amount that has to be paid and the due date. On the due date, the entire amount due would be withdrawn from your account automatically. It would be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account. In case you think you would default on your repayment, contact your lender immediately. Refinancing and loan rollovers are not facilitated by Payday Loans Canada.

Fair Policies
We as a responsible organization would always try to educate our customer about the risks involved with taking a short term loan as well as the implications of defaulting of your loan repayment. In case your default on your payment, we would always try to protect your interest and our collection professionals would try to reach a solution that would be beneficial for Payday Loans Canada, our lenders and you. We may also decide to increase your loan period under special cases when we feel that it is in your interest and if you have specifically asked us or our lenders to do so.

Fast Response
You can reach us through the many methods mentioned in the contact us section. We would always be ready to assist you during our business hours. You can contact us through telephone, email or through this website. We would always try to provide you with answers to your queries. We would make all attempts to resolve all the complaints lodged by you within 48 hours. Only in exceptional circumstances when the complaint is complex, the time taken may exceed 48 hours. Even if the solution is delayed, we would communicate you regarding the same and would also provide you with the reasons that have lead to a delay in the response. In cases where you are not satisfied by our response, you can communicate your dissatisfaction to us along with the reasons for the same and we would work towards resolving it at the earliest.



Disclaimer : Payday Loans Canada is not a lending organisation, part of a financial consortium or financial organisation. Maple Loan does not lend any funds to its customers nor does it take any decisions regarding lending. In case you want to apply for a loan, you would be expected to fill a small application form on this website which would only take a few minutes. Submitting the form provides no guarantee of loan approval. One the application is submitted, Payday Loans Canada would forward the application to its network of lenders who would then review the application and make a decision about lending you the amount. Based on the acceptance of your application by a lender, you would be made an offer giving all the charges and interest involved. After you receive the offer, you can review the actual amount you would be expected to repay and after that make a decision regarding whether to accept the loan or not.

Payday Loans Canada does not in any way participate in deciding the interest rates and charges that a lender charges. We expect our customers to be proactive and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a short term loan before applying for one and again weigh them before you sign the final offer letter. We as a responsible organization have tried our best to ensure that the data we provide on this website is always up to date, accurate, complete and correct.

If you want to accept the offer, you are bound to submit an electronic signature on the final offer made. Only after you have provided your signature would funds be deposited by the lender in your bank account. Payday Loans Canada or any of its associated lenders puts you under no obligation to accept a loan after an official offer is made. Some of our associated lenders may also verify your credit history in or to ensure that you would be able to pay the loan in time and that you do not have any default or outstanding short term loans. This verification in no way would impact your credit history and is an exercise done by the lenders to reduce the risk involved with giving a loan.

Payday Loans Canada reserves the right to make changes to this website in entirety or a specific part of it without any notice to any registered user or any guest user. All revisions would be effective from the time they are published on the website and it would be the visitor’s responsibility to view the revisions before progressing with using this website. In case a user uses the website, its associate products or services after any revisions have been made, it would mean that the user has gone through the revisions and agrees with them in entirety.

Payday Loans Canada or any of its affiliates do not provide any warranties regarding the availability, performance, accuracy and functionality of any third party software that is found on this website. All the transactions made between you and Payday Loans Canada are subject to local jurisdiction irrespective of your location while submitting the application or accepting an offer. Please visit the ‘Rates and Fees’ section of this website to know about the laws related to short term loans in your area. Please visit the ‘Terms of Use’ section to know more about the rules of use of this website and its associated services and products. Please visit the ‘Privacy Policy’ section to know more about the rules that govern the collection, use and distribution of personal or non-personal information collected from you by Payday Loans Canada or any of its affiliates.


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