This document, otherwise known as the Privacy Policy has been documented while taken into consideration all the provisions of the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, also known as PIPEDA formerly known as or referred to as Bill C-6. This document puts into place certain rules, regulations, terms and conditions that cover the use, collection and distribution of personal or non-personal information provided by any user electronically by any private organizations. This document also seeks an acknowledgement regarding the legality and validity of the information provided.
Whenever you visit or use this website, you are expected to go through this document, also known as the ‘Privacy Policy’. It is also expected that you agree with all the clauses mentioned on this website. In case you are not in agreement with any of the clauses mention in the document, it is requested that you promptly exit the website and not participate in any services that are provided through this website.

User Privacy Protection

Payday Loans Canada understands that protection of his or her personal information as well as protection of privacy is important for any user. Payday Loans Canada, collects personal user information from visitors on the website in order to process the products and services that we have on offer, contact you for various purposes and offer and other services that may be of interest for you. Unless and until it has been clearly mentioned in the policy, Payday Loans Canada does not sell or distribute any non-public information about our visitors to any other third party except our affiliates, this applies to all our visitors either new, existing or old visitors. All example provided in this document are for representation purposes and are not meant to be taken exclusively.

As technology progresses and business factors evolve, changes may be accordingly made in this privacy policy. Any time you visit our visit, you should read this document before proceeding.

About Us

We are the owners of the website that can be reached through may also be referred to in this document as ‘website’, ‘site’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’. We maintain a database of people, which is also known as service. This database contains information collected by us from our customers and sold to businesses in case our customers have shown an interest in obtaining services or products provided by such businesses. In other words, we facilitate a link between our customers interested in short term loans and our network of lenders who can offer this loan to them.

Whenever you provide us with information on our website, you are also giving us the permission to distribute that information as may be required in order to provide you with the required products and services. We may also hire the services of third party affiliates, vendors and media advertisements in order to publicize this website. We may also build upon our database by purchasing information about people who have completed a similar application outside our website. We only purchase information about people who have requested more information about services or products that are similar to the ones offered on this website.

Payday Loans Canada may also use email, postal mail, telephone and text message in order to promote this website and the products and services offered on this website to our customers who have requested to be contacted by one or more of the above methods in the opt-in process on our vendor or affiliate website or the opt-in part of the application process on this website. Payday Loans Canada only uses promotions if our customers have applied for them and our customers have the right to opt out of the process any time they want to by following the opt out method.

Cost of Short Term Loans

Considering the number of factors that impact the cost of a short term loan, it would be impossible to provide one without any details of the applicant. The factors that affect the actual charges on a short term loan include your province of residence, the lender that is offering you loan and your financial stability. Your lender is expected to provide you with the complete cost of the loan when he makes you and offer and provide you with a list of all the terms and conditions associated with your final loan. This has been done in order to ensure that none of our customers has to bear the burden of hidden or sudden charges.

Collecting information from minors

Payday Loans Canada does not intentionally collect information, provide information, offer or promote our products to individuals who are younger than 18 years of age. We expect our customers to be accurate when stating their age in any correspondence with us so that we can serve them in a better way.

Collection and storage of information

When any of our customers applies for any of the products or services offered by us, he or she must provide complete and accurate information including personal information that includes name, city, address, postal code, province, home phone, work phone, best time to contact you, house type, email address, loan amount required, yearly income and place of employment and its duration.

Some alternate information is also required from applicants while processing the application which are not collected at the time of filling of these applications. Information that may be collected includes your computer’s software and hardware, your IP address, domain names, browser type and the address of the website that referred you to us. This information will only be shared with third party or vendor for the purpose of analysing the web traffic. This is done in order to improve and enhance the quality of service provide by us to our customers. This information provided will never be used for any illegal or unlawful purposes.

The information provided by you would be saved in our database till the time your account is active with Payday Loans Canada. Post deactivation of your account, the data may be saved in order to enforce our agreement, resolve disputes or enforce any agreement.

Using the information

Whenever you submit any information to Payday Loans Canada, you are agreeing to be contacted by us or any of our affiliates. The information that would be provided by you would be used in order to provide you short term loans, processing of your payments, advertising and marketing campaigns, monitoring of this website and its traffic, improving the quality of our products and services its design. Your information would however, not be used for any unlawful or illegal purpose.

The information submitted by you would be provided to our lenders who would make an offer for a short term loan, if you have requested for one to you based on the information provided. The information would also be provided to our affiliated third parties who would be involved in the lending process. Our affiliates or our lenders may contact you with a promotional offer.

The information submitted by you may also be used in order to provide you information about special offers that may be launched by us from time to time or to inform you about any changes that may be taking place on the website. Payday Loans Canada however, is under no obligation to provide this information.

Sharing, selling and distribution of information

Payday Loans Canada would never use the personal information provided by you for any illegal or unlawful purpose. The information would never be sold or shared with any party unless and until it is important for processing your request or providing you a service or product that you had requested while submitting this information.

Your information would be used to maintain our relation with you, to prevent incidents of identity theft and forgery, to avoid any illegal claims, to settle disputes, to conduct business with you, to provide you better service, to advertise products or to provide you information about special offers.

Amendments to this policy

Payday Loans Canada holds the right to make any changes or modifications to a part of the document or the document in its entirety any time without providing any prior information to any of our users, be it guest user or registered user. Any changes made to this website would become effective from the moment they are published on this website. Whenever you visit this website, this document would be applied in its updated form and it would be your responsibility to review the policy whenever you visit the website. In case you continue to use this website or any part of it after any changes are made to this section, it would mean that you have read through the new terms and agree with the same.


Just like most internet websites, we use cookies to store certain information that is provided by you. Cookies are essentially text files that are stored on the user’s system and contain information provided by the user to the website. This information is used to enhance the user experience and process user requests in a timely manner.

Payday Loans Canada makes use of both persistent cookies and session identification cookies. Session cookies expire whenever you close the browser and are meant to make it easier for you while moving through the website. A persistent cookie stays on your machine for a longer period of time. Depending on the browser that you are using, you can remove or block these cookies. I case you block or reject cookies from Payday Loans Canada, you would be able to use our services but some sections of this website or some products or services may be unavailable for you.

Basically a persistent cookie stores your account information so that you do not have to enter it again and again when you visit this website. These cookies are also used to keep track of your interests, so that we can provide you with a better overall experience of using this website.

Third Party Cookies

Third party websites that are linked to us or can be accessed through us also make use of cookies so that they can make it easier for you to browse through their website. Payday Loans Canada holds no control over such cookies and hence such cookies are not a part of this ‘Privacy Policy’.


Consent regarding your personal information may be expressed by you or implied. Consent may be implied in cases where we have previously communicated our purpose for collecting you information. You providing the information in such a case would imply that you have provided us the consent to use the submitted information for the purpose stated by us. This means that you would be providing Payday Loans Canada the right to collect your information, use it and share it according to the terms mentioned in the privacy policy. This however, holds true only in cases where you have not chosen to withdraw the consent by opting out of the services. In case you are providing information about someone else, Payday Loans Canada would assume that the person has gone through this Privacy Policy and that you have taken consent from the person regarding use of his personal or non-personal information. You may choose to remove your consent at any time by contacting us, this is however limited to legal and contractual requirements. This may not be possible in your loan period or in case there are legal or settlement disputes pending. Payday Loans Canada would also require a sufficient notice in such a case. In the case you choose to remove your consent, Payday Loans Canada may not be able to provide you all the products and services that it has on offer.

Fraud and Security

Payday Loans Canada enforces various technologies and security measures in order to protect the information provided by you. Whenever your information is being submitted through the internet, we encrypt the information using Secure Socket Layer Protocol, also known as SSL protocol, which is an advanced technology in the field of encryption. As is the case with any technology, we cannot provide 100% guarantee of security, however we can ensure that we try the best on our part.

In the event that you provide us with inaccurate information about yourself, it would be reported to concerned law enforcement agencies and the consequences of the same would be the responsibility of the user. It is advised that you always provide us with accurate and updated information.

Changes to the policy

In order to follow changes in the law and in order to take advantage of advancing technology, it may be sometimes necessary to make changes to this document. It is advised that whenever you visit this website, you go through this privacy policy and keep yourself updated regarding the changes that have occurred in this document. Payday Loans Canada or any of its affiliates would never use the information provided by you in a method that is not in sync with this privacy policy.

In the case the method of using your submitted information change, we would communicate you the same via email. You may also see a notice on this website about any such change.

All the information provided is according to the Payday Loans Act and the Data Protection Act.

Implications of Late Payment

If a customer fails to pay the loan in time, he may be required to pay late fees and collection costs. He may also be subjected to loan charge off and his debt would be forwarded to the collection agency. As long as the customer pays back the loan prior to the charge off, he can enjoy the opportunity to bring the loan as current.

Implications of Non-Payment

If you fail to repay the loan altogether, there are many consequences associated with it including:

Financial Implications

At present, we are not charging any extra rate of interest on the loans that are not repaid in time but a borrower will have to incur late fees and other charges in case he fails to repay the loan in time or check or other mode of payment is rejected because of insufficient funds available. The amount varies by province. The lender will provide you with complete details that will include the exact charges and costs.

Collection practices

We make use of standard debt collection methods like email, postal mail, telephone, and text message to collect any unpaid amount that you owe. Similarly, we can make use of the rights as lined in the loan agreement. We also have the right to sell your pending debt to a third party agency. The party may use similar methods to recover the pending loan.

Impact on credit score

We do not report your loan activity with us to the credit reporting department like Equifax Canada or TransUnion as of now but we may choose to report it to alternating agencies if you delay your loan payment then such agencies are reported which may impact your chance of getting quick loans in future.

Renewal policy

Loans cannot be renewed automatically.

Disclosure of APR

The APR refers to the amount paid on the loan taken for a period of 1 year. The for a standard 2 weeks loan can be expected to vary from 546% to 600% This variation is based on the state you live in and the time period of your loan term, your financial situation and your individual lender